Monday, March 10, 2008

Facebook Faceoff Part 2

Further notes from the FB Keynote...

On a macro level, Mark Zuckerman believes that online communication, and FB specifically, can bring people closer together and foster empathy and understanding between individuals, which will hopefully lead to empathy and understanding between diverse communities, which will hopefully lead to a world full of unicorns, smiley faces, and puppies.


Let's talk about the apps.

With a flip of her hair, Sarah grilled him about the apps on FB and what his take was on all the crappy ones that are out there. Mark explained that the apps are products of an incentive structure--meaning, the more stuff you put out there, the more stuff you'll get back. The more requests you accept, the more you can send. Essentially, you get what you ask for. As long ashere is demand, or at least a perceived demand, for user (or corporate) created apps, then a bunch of time wasting movie/logo/song title quizzes will keep existing.

Mark and Sarah sharing another awkward moment, right before the audience revolt.*

Thing pretty much went downhill from here. There was a lot of talk about if he thinks the company is worth the valuation price and a lot of insistence that they don't really think about things like that (um...right). His goal as a CEO is to set the tone of the company and build the company's value by focusing on the core mission of FB: to build communities and build a platform that fundamentally changes the way we communicate.

All in all, a highly entertaining keynote that left me with the impression that Zuckerberg is a visionary with a lot of expectations riding on him and his leadership abilities. It will be really interesting to see where he takes FB over the next 5-10 years.

*Perhaps some of you are aware of how quickly information travels in the blogosphere, but if you aren't, this keynote was an excellent example. The events at the keynote and commentary were up on Twitter as it was happening, and it's still being talked about.

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